251658240††††††† Scholarship Award $1000.00


This Junior Scholarship Program is unique. Any junior has a chance to win and it can be used for at any college or school in any state to further their education.

The Florida State Junior Horseshoe Pitchers Scholarship Program is administered by:

U. S. Family Foundation

450 Pleasant Grove Road

Inverness, FL 34452-5725


To be eligible for the drawing the applicant is required to be a junior or senior high school student, a Florida resident, hold a NHPA card of Jr. Status, verification of passing grades and play in four sanctioned Florida State Tournaments (Florida State Tournament will be included). The recipient is determined by random draw in the month of April each year.

*NOTE: If no junior eligible for the $1,000.00 scholarship, it will be awarded to a deserving senior high school student chosen by a school districtís children liaison.


The winning junior has until his/her 21st birthday to utilize the award. If not claimed by his/her 21st birthday, it will be forfeited and remain in the foundation for future junior awards. All awards are distributed directly to the college of choice.††