Tournament Codes Key

* Drawing for scorekeepers AM & PM
** See December 2021 newsletter for format and rules.A club may enter as many teams as they wish as long as the participants are members of that club
*** ***Florida and Georgia sanctioned players may enter and play in accordance with Florida Club Team Tournament rules (revised 09/22/2017) except that players are not required to enter as a club team. Clubs may enter six person teams, individuals may create their own six person teams or individuals may ask the Tournament Director to place them on a six person team. Mixed distance pitching format may be used. Cash payouts are based upon total number of entries. Entry fees:$120 per team ($20 per individual) except that teams with players younger than 13 years would pay $5 for those players with no more than (2) such players per team.
A Classes with a ringer spread of more than 8% may be handicapped at 80% to 90%
B Ringer spread of 10 or more % will be handicapped
C Classes may be mixed to avoid handicapping
D Women's class - scratch or handicap depending on entries
E 30 foot pitchers may be placed in a mixed 80% to 90% handicap class
F 30 footers will pitch 40 shoes at 80% handicap.If not full Class low % 40s may be mixed with the 30s if class is not full
G Limited to 36 entries
H Limited to 56 entries
I Starting time 8:30 A.M
J Starting time 9:00 A.M.; for Championship Class 1:00 P.M.
K 40 or 50 shoe games
L All 40 shoe games
M 6 Man Class - 50 Shoes; 7 or 8 Man Class 40 Shoes
N 6 or 7 player groups.Players will pitch minimum of 5 games
O 90% handicap count all scoring
P 40 and 30 feet pitchers will not be mixed except to avoid extreme handicaps
Q Players pay score keepers $1.00 each per game
R All players are required to keep score or provide a qualified substitute
S Players may be asked to keep their own score
T Sponsor and/or donor contribution added to prize fund
U Food will be served
V Food will NOT be served, water & soda available
W Florida residents only. Entry deadline April 1, 2023...See March 2023 NEWSLETTER for details and requirements
X Limited to 28 entries
Y Ringers Only with exception of lower % classes which will be regular cancellation. TD discretion.
Z Start Time 12 Noon
# Minimum of 3 sanction tournaments required in current pitching division (excluding State Closed Tournament) within the 12 months prior to this tournament