Two prestigious annual awards may be given each year based upon the nomination

of member of the Association or the Executive Council.  Nomination by a member

should be carefully considered as these awards should not be given lightly.  If you,

as a member, think that you know of another member that should be considered for

one of these awards you are encouraged to submit their name for consideration.


                                  OUTSTANDING MEMBER


  This award shall be made annually to the FSHPA Inc. member who has done the

most during the previous calendar year to promote and foster the sport of horseshoe

pitching. The requirements for this award are:


Section 1.  Any FSHPA Inc. member may nominate another member. Nominations

shall be sent to the FSHPA Inc. President.  Deadline for nominations is March 1st of

each calendar year. In the event that no nominations are received by FSHPA Inc.

President by March 1 of each year, the Executive Council can consider a member

for this award.


Section 2.  The nomination should contain sufficient information to permit an

intelligent evaluation of the person's entitlement to this recognition.


Section 3.  The Executive Council shall select the recipient of this award based up on

the information provided, or otherwise obtained ,concerning the nominee.



                                            HALL OF FAME


  The FSHPA Inc. Hall of Fame was established in 1975. A Hall of Fame exhibit is

located in Ed Wright Park, Clearwater, Florida. It contains the official FSHPA Inc.

Hall of Fame plaque with the names of Hall of Fame members and year of

induction, photographs and memorabilia pertinent to its members, FSHPA Inc. and

NHPA. New members are inducted at the FSHPA Inc. Annual Awards Banquet

which is held in conjunction with the State Championship Tournament.


Section 1.  Eligibility - A candidate must have been;

            a. a resident of Florida and an FSHPA Inc. member for a minimum of five


            b. an outstanding player or a member who has performed outstanding

service to  FSHPA Inc., and/or NHPA, over a period of many years.


Section 2.  Anyone may recommend a candidate. The nominating letter should be

addressed to the Chairman, Hall of Fame Committee and contain a history of the

candidate's accomplishments in sufficient detail to permit an intelligent evaluation

of the person's entitlement to this recognition. Deadline for nominations is March 1

of each calendar year.  The Chair person is listed on the back of the cover page.