Happy holidays to everyone! Thank you to all of you who have sent in your state

and NHPA dues to get your 2014 membership cards.  All cards have been mailed to

those who have sent in their renewals so far.


New cards for 2014 are blue in color so check your card and if it’s not blue

send me your dues and application by the end of the year. The 2013 cards expire

on December 31st and in January the tournament directors will be looking for

blue 2014 cards. You can find a membership application on the FSHPA website at  Just print it, fill it out COMPLETELY and mail it

to me (address is at the end of the application). Or you can hand it to me in

person if we see each other at a tournament. Remember that 2014 dues are $28

because our state dues went up $1 for allocation to FL Hall of Fame facility



So far 86 members have sent in their dues for the year and 16 new members have

joined. A lot of new members are coming in from the Flagler area. Thank you to

Howard & Regina Hawes, Tom Martone and all the other folks from Flagler County

Horseshoe Pitching Club for their recruiting efforts!! Thank you, too, for

hosting the Flagler FSHPA Appreciation Open in September.  


Take a look around next time you’re at a tournament and welcome the new

pitchers.  And more importantly, take a look around the other groups of folks

you spend time with…do all of your friends and acquaintances know that you

pitch horseshoes? Can you invite any along to pitch one day? Talk it up!!


Marcela Santoyo   Sec/Treas




                  Bob Lemon---1st VP.  Dec. Comments


 In recent years the FSHPA has had a declining trend in memberships. There are

many reasons for this trend----Death, to old to compete, moving back north to

be with kids, loss of interest, etc. etc. But for FSHPA to survive we must not

give into the thinking that it is hopeless. Our membership has shrunk to a low

of 293 members for the 2013 year. We are now in the process of signing up and

buying our 2014 membership cards  I hope everyone that is reading this has

signed up for a new season. Welcome back !!!!!


As for recruiting new members------ it is easy to say, but difficult to make it

happen. As 1st VP I have accepted the responsibility to stop the negative trend

and get us back up over 300 plus. In my 70 yrs of life I have learned that I do

not have all the answers and solutions, but I have learned that if you take the

time to listen to new thinking and share with others, that breeds new thinking.

I have also learned that all the ideas only work if you have someone to carry

them forward and make it happen. There for I am asking each club President, to

select a person within their club structure to be on a task force ( statewide )

with me to share ideas and suggestions. Not only sharing , but be in charge of

new member recruitment and sigh ups. This person must have e-mail, because of

distance we cannot meet. Our meetings will be on-line. You can reach me by my

E-mail address or by phone (352) 693-4381 as soon as you can

give me the name and e-mail address of your volunteer. to make this HAPPEN. I

need your help !!!!!!!!!!!    Thanks in advance to your prompt response to this



Bob Lemon     1st VP