Congratulations to all the Florida members who were able to compete in this year’s World Tournament. I regret that I was not able to go this year but am hoping to make it to the next two since they will be so much closer to Florida. I had a great time when I went to the one held in York, PA and I look forward to pitching with people from all over the country again.


As of this writing we have 330 adult and 6 junior NHPA members. This is down from last year’s total of 343 adults and 11 juniors. I noticed that last year’s numbers had decreased from the previous year, too. We could all benefit from increasing our membership and one way to do that is to invite someone along to pitch in your league. Try brining a new person each month, if you can. They might not all stick around but a few might!


Some of you have sent me your dues for 2011 already but I am not yet able to send you your 2011 cards as I will not get them until sometime in October. I will send your cards out as soon as the new batch arrives.  For the rest of you, please start sending in your membership renewal forms in October. 




                                                             Marcela Santoyo





                                   Comments from the 2nd Vice President

Some Florida horseshoe pitchers are just diehards!  Pitching in 94°+ weather in Melbourne on August 14th—what kind of crazy people are we?  What about the ones who pitched in June and July? I must say I’m amazed at how much you can enjoy the sport and fellowship of horseshoes, even in the heat. This was just a taste for the coming months as the weather permits more outside movement.  Someday, Dale & I will have the time and be able to travel to the World Tournament.  That must be quite an extraordinary opportunity to be with so many pitchers in one (air-conditioned) place.  For now, we’ll settle for our state (a/c or no) and hope to see some of you out there soon.  Don’t forget to visit the FSHPA website at or the NHPA website at to find out how everyone did at the World and keep up on any news.

                                                                                                     Vicki Marteney